[fpc-devel] Proposal to adapt search patch under Haiku using a target specific option (-WH).

Olivier Coursière olivier.coursiere at laposte.net
Sat Feb 2 23:23:11 CET 2019

Hi Pierre,

Le 11/01/2019 à 21:05, Olivier Coursière a écrit :
> Hi Pierre,
> On 31/12/2018 12:00, Pierre Muller wrote:
>>   It would be nice to also get regular testsuite results for Haiku OS!
> I have checked the make uploadrun but i still don't understand what 
> "automatic login with user fpc" really mean. Is there a document that 
> describe the process of setting up that ?
I should not asked many different questions in the same message : I 
still not understand what i should do to configure uploadrun to send 
test results.


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