[fpc-devel] Refactoring TVMTBuilder

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 11 23:44:11 CET 2019

Am 05.12.2019 um 13:48 schrieb Blaise at blaise.ru:
> 1) Currently, the following snippet
>>     vmtbuilder:=TVMTBuilder.Create(...);
>>     vmtbuilder.generate_vmt;
>>     vmtbuilder.free;
> is present @
>     types_dec :objectdef
>     generate_specialization_phase2 :objectdef
>     jvm_maybe_create_enum_class
>     jvm_create_procvar_class_intern
> and there will be the fifth instance for closures.
> The first patch extracts the above into a separate routine -- build_vmt.
> 2) Because of SVN r41884, I strongly suggest that build_vmt be 
> actually named insert_hidden_paras_and_build_vmt (the second patch), 
> in order that the tight coupling of these two unrelated operations be 
> reflected in the name. Unless you are ready for something generic like 
> postprocess_object, that mouthful is better than simple "build_vmt".
> Should this be rejected, at the very least, add the following comment
>     // Despite the name, this also inserts method's hidden parameters
> above the interface declaration of build_vmt.
> 3) I would like to draw a strong terminological distinction between 
> creating/building data structures within the compiler, and generating 
> code/data in object files. NCGVMT.TVMTWriter is the one concerned with 
> VMT /generation/, not NObj.TVMTBuilder, which creates & builds the 
> data structures.
> The third patch renames
>     TVMTBuilder.generate_vmt_def -> .create_vmtdef    // or, maybe, 
> build_vmtdef
>     TVMTBuilder.generate_vmt -> .build
> Also, .build_interface_mappings becomes private and it is grouped 
> within the TVMTBuilder declaration with the methods it uses.
> (This submission is only split into three patches for easy 
> cherry-picking; in my book, they are just fine becoming a single SVN 
> commit.)

Done in r43673 to r43676.


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