[fpc-devel] Graphical RAD IDE in FPC

Alexander aralni at mail.ru
Mon Sep 17 05:51:17 CEST 2018


I try use of MSEide,gui beforehand Lasarus, but excellent result not get.

Lasarus use non native for FPC widgets, MSE non stable work.

Console FPC excellent work, but without graphics.

Need more attention for RAD graphical environments from side FPC developers.

Author MSE say that bad some **drivers**, but it need to more accurate test.

I made http://soft.self-made-free.ru/ 'Birthdays reminder' on minimal
set of possibles of MSE and it worn on this driver, but IDE on this driver work incorrect.

May be say author about driver is wrong ?

In all need search problem. In FPC, in MSE, in drivers, in kernel, in xorg, in wayland ...

I want use excellent full-free RAD IDE more power than Delphi in GNU/Linux.
With specific graphics and network possibles GNU/Linux what more than in Windows.
Include possibles made self Linux Desktop/WM, DM ... On FPC widgets.
With autocomplete.

By rework/combine exist IDEs or made new RAD IDE especially for GNU/Linux.

Good Luck,

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