[fpc-devel] ARM embedded for ATSAM

Alfred alfred at consulab.nl
Fri Sep 7 14:08:35 CEST 2018

Thanks for the advice.
The glue has already been used by me, including glue for the 
FPC-makefiles. And some glue for Lazarus.

My question was more meant to be a fundamental one about the 
organization of code.
Embedded is now a very viable target for FPC.
MCU's become powerful enough to be easily used for FPC ( and OOP ).
This would mean more targets and a much wider public.

The more targets added, the better.
But it could/should be better organized.
Making adding targets more easy. And strong typing (for peripherals) 

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>definitions for microcontrollers are available in the rtl/embedded/arm 
>directory, there is one (sometimes several) pascal file for a class of 
>microcontrollers of one vendor.
>There is some light glue in the compiler/arm/cpuinfo.pas and 
>systems/t_embed.pas directory to make a new microcontroller available.
>What I do is to auto-generate the main microcontroller file from the 
>header files of the microcontroller vendor.
>On top of this you can then build your own library or extend pxl.
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