[fpc-devel] The 15k bounty: Optimizing executable speed forLinux x86 / LLVM

Ben Grasset operator97 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 02:01:35 CET 2018

On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 12:40 AM J. Gareth Moreton <
gareth at moreton-family.com> wrote:

> Part of my incentive is that I like to design games and am also an amateur
> mathematician, both fields that can benefit from speed gains, so if I can
> make Free Pascal into something that is suitable for such tasks, then my
> life is complete!

That's also more broadly kind of part of what I was getting at. Basically I
was just trying to point out that whether or not it was originally within
the scope of the project, FPC IS nowadays being used for various things
that do in fact require the highest level of performance possible. Just
look at stuff like the Castle Game Engine, or at any of the games/demos
that have come out of the contests on the Lazarus forums.

The idea that "real world use cases" means "boring database applications
and pretty much nothing else" with regards to FPC nowadays is just
objectively wrong. I'd imagine that a large percentage of the people who
use FPC now don't actually care at all about stuff like FCL-DB, and will
never use it.
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