[fpc-devel] The 15k bounty: Optimizing executable speed for Linux x86 / LLVM

Jonas Maebe jonas at freepascal.org
Thu Oct 25 20:34:44 CEST 2018

On 25/10/18 20:13, Florian Klämpfl wrote:
> Am 25.10.2018 um 18:59 schrieb Jonas Maebe:
>> On 20/10/18 16:07, Simon Kissel wrote:
>>> - Complete the LLVM branch of FPC. It looks like Jonas has stopped
>>>     working on it two years ago, which is a pity.
>> I didn't stop working on it, but I didn't make real progress anymore either. The current state of the LLVM code
>> generator is that everything works on Darwin/x86-64, except for
>> a) exception handling in general: indeed needs DWARF-EH support in the RTL,
> This is something I would like to work for years on already. So maybe its now a good opportunity to start with it.
> I started a branch for it:https://svn.freepascal.org/svn/fpc/branches/debug_eh
> As a first step, I'll depend on libgcc unwinding, let's see how far we get.

Using libgcc's foreign exception support works somewhat, but is not very 
usable in practice due to the limitation of having only one exception in 
flight. I simply started translating all of libgcc's exception support 
to Pascal, since it's also licensed under LGPL + linking exception (I 
took the one from gcc 4.2.1 for the people who don't like (L)GPL3).


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