[fpc-devel] Where to set proper alignment default of const strings?

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 28 20:45:14 CET 2018

Am 28.11.2018 um 19:51 schrieb Michael Ring:
> The more I dig the more I ask myself if not the rtl routine is to 
> blame for the issue in the first place because it only takes alignment 
> of the destination into account when doing it's job.
> Aligncount is calculated base on destination (which is RAM), for this 
> reason the last line always crashes because psrc can be unaligned.
> I most likely completely misunderstand the meaning of 
> FPC_REQUIRES_PROPER_ALIGNMENT but usually ram can be written byte 
> aligned but flash has often limitations on read access so alignment 
> should look for psrc as this can come from flash.
> Unless of course FPC_REQUIRES_PROPER_ALIGNMENT isĀ  primarily meant for 
> speed improovement only, then it would make sense to look at pdest to 
> try to optimize write performance by having as much aligned access as 
> possible.I only found an old discussion in lazarus list from 2011 on 
> this topic, where it looks like structs were manually aligned in 
> lazarus, but I did not look too deep into the patches.
The purpose of the FPC_REQUIRES_PROPER_ALIGNMENT is mainly for compiler 
generated data structures like the RTTI which uses packed records on 
targets where the define is not set (e.g. x86).


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