[fpc-devel] How do I go about volunteering as a "release builder", so that we can get rid of the objectively untrue, misleadingly worded "There is no native compiler available for x86_64 Win64. You have to use a cross-compiler" notice on the FPC website?

Jonas Maebe jonas at freepascal.org
Sun Nov 4 12:16:31 CET 2018

On 04/11/18 00:09, Ben Grasset wrote:
> s just one example, I've seen more than one instance of people on the 
> Lazarus forums posting threads asking about how they can work around 
> out-of-memory errors while building Lazarus

Where does the compiler need more than 1.5GB of VM space while building 
Lazarus? That sounds like an awful lot, and something we may want to 
look into. Especially since Lazarus is not built in one go, but using 
several separate compiler invocations.


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