[fpc-devel] How do I go about volunteering as a "release builder", so that we can get rid of the objectively untrue, misleadingly worded "There is no native compiler available for x86_64 Win64. You have to use a cross-compiler" notice on the FPC website?

Ben Grasset operator97 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 00:09:00 CET 2018

I've been happily building 64-bit FPC natively on Windows for over five
years now. It works fine. It is stable. There is no logical reason
whatsoever to use a 32-bit to 64-bit FPC cross compiler in 2018 if you are
running 64-bit Windows natively, and anyone who thinks there is doesn't use
Windows enough.

As just one example, I've seen more than one instance of people on the
Lazarus forums posting threads asking about how they can work around
out-of-memory errors while building Lazarus, and who also mention that
they're running 64-bit Windows. Realistically, the logical conclusion is
that all of these people are of course using a 32-bit to 64-bit cross
compiler, possibly only because they think they have no other choice.

The bundled FPC that comes with the 64-bit Windows Lazarus installer is now
also a native 64-bit build. So why does the FPC website still insist on
redirecting to the Win32 cross compiler? (On Sourceforge, of all places.)

Personally as it stands now I just recommend the use of FPCUpDeluxe and
actively avoid directing anyone interested in starting out with FPC to the
official downloads page, as it just doesn't make FPC look very good. (The
same could be said about the various other wildly outdated bits of
information on the overall site and the fact that it gives
now-hugely-irrelevant topics like "porting from TP7" such precedence, but
that's a different issue.)

That being said, if there's a way I can help to fix this, at least
partially, I'm interested to know what that might be!
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