[fpc-devel] Debugging Loop Unroll Optimization

Martok listbox at martoks-place.de
Fri May 18 15:40:06 CEST 2018

> Citation: "If the loop was terminated prematurely with an exception or a 
> break statement, the loop variable retains the value it had when the 
> loop was exited."
As a quick fix, not unrolling loops left with exit at least fixes this specific
situation. This still leaves exceptions raised, but IIRC the handlers don't
restore context anyways, we might be okay?

diff --git a/compiler/optloop.pas b/compiler/optloop.pas
index 46039ffc5a..dc714ea2cc 100644
--- a/compiler/optloop.pas
+++ b/compiler/optloop.pas
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ unit optloop;

     function checkbreakcontinue(var n:tnode; arg: pointer): foreachnoderesult;
-        if n.nodetype in [breakn,continuen] then
+        if n.nodetype in [breakn,continuen,exitn] then

I'll be running this on today's snapshot, see if anything else remains.


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