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This is the disassembly of function GetProcessorUsed: longint;    inline;  Unless you advise me otherwise, I take the absence of function GetProcessorUsed: longint;    inline; mentioned anywhere in this screen print that GetProcessorUsed is indeed inlined. And in the face of your incredulity, I need to remind you that I get all the compiler complaints about inlining unless  I restrict memory operations to the local stack, as outlined in my original message.


The line numbers mentioned in your disassembly screen shot don’t line up with the source code you’ve previously posted, and the screenshot doesn’t show enough context to say anything about this being either simply the disassembly of the GetProcessorUsed function or really a place where you called GetProcessorUsed in source code and the compiler inlined the call.


But given the fact that you can see it building a stack frame, I would strongly suspect that you are simply showing the disassembly of GetProcessorUsed here instead of a call site which is calling GetProcessorUsed and has the call inlined.

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