[fpc-devel] Fix CamelCase in unit and method names

Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Thu Mar 22 12:32:15 CET 2018


will a patch be applied that fixes CamelCase in unit and method names 
and other identifiers?


dateutils -> DateUtils
sysutils -> SysUtils
typinfo -> TypInfo
contnrs -> Contnrs
strutils -> StrUtils
EnterCriticalsection -> EnterCriticalSection
DoneCriticalsection -> DoneCriticalSection
LeaveCriticalsection -> LeaveCriticalSection
TryEnterCriticalsection -> TryEnterCriticalSection
(Funnily enough InitCriticalSection is correct.)

TPoint.x -> TPoint.X
TPoint.y -> TPoint.Y

(For unit names: of course only the unit definition name will be 
changed, not the file name).


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