[fpc-devel] Michael: 0033917: TSQLQuery.CreateParams - override param class

Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Thu Jun 28 10:45:22 CEST 2018

Hello Michael,

because I cannot comment on resolved issues without reopening/closing 
them, I'd like to send the question here.

Issue reports: https://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=33917 and 

I see you applied #33918 but #33918 doesn't make really much sense 
without #33917. AFAICS I cannot define a custom TParams class for a 
TSQLQuery. See:

TCustomSQLQuery.Create(AOwner : TComponent);
   F : TQuerySQLStatement;
   inherited Create(AOwner);
   F:=TQuerySQLStatement.Create(Self); << hard-coded TQuerySQLStatement 
here - I need to tell TQuerySQLStatement what Params it has to create.

(Put a breakpoint into TParams.Create to see the call stack.)

So if you decided to apply #33918, #33917 should be applied as well. Or 
revert #33918 - it cannot be (easily) used without #33917 anyway.

Background of my problem (no important information, skip if not interested):
I need to read/write data from a 3rd party PHP eshop that uses MySQL and 
that stores strings as UTF-8 double-encoded into ANSI. E.g. the 
character "é" is stored as "é" (the codepage in MySQL is ANSI but UTF-8 
is stored there as bytestring) - yes, this is very wrong but I cannot do 
anything with it. Therefore I need to reencode every input and output 
into the DB. First I overrode TParam and TField methods but then I 
decided to do this conversion within TMySQL55Connection, which is more 
generic. Therefore I wrote that I don't need #33918 and #33917 any more.

I took TDataSet.Translate into consideration as well but it has multiple 
1.) It doesn't really work well for UTF8<->ANSI conversions because the 
length can change and it doesn't really show what length is available in 
the buffer.
2.) It doesn't work for params.


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