[fpc-devel] Maximum symbol length

Blaise at blaise.ru Blaise at blaise.ru
Fri Jun 15 10:54:24 CEST 2018

What is the official maximum symbol length? If it is 255, as the definition "TSymStr = ShortString" suggests, then FPC does not always take proper care of it.
In particular, TGNUAssembler.WriteTree has plenty of concatenations similar to this one
	writer.AsmWriteLn(tai_symbol(hp).sym.name + ':')
which result in corrupt asm files.

(I am bumping into this bug in practice, with closures.)

I presume, those concatenations should be converted into chains of invocations. This should also make things faster for "symansistr" case.

Side question: I see that the define "symansistr" is used for JVM and LLVM. What was the rationale?


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