[fpc-devel] FloatHelper bugs (Issue #32837)

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Jan 12 09:45:32 CET 2018

In our previous episode, Werner Pamler said:
> I have the Starter 10.1 and 10.2 running on the same machine which has 
> also several Lazarus/fpc versions. No problems, except for scripts 
> because Delphi merges itself into the system path so that the fpc tools 
> are not found, but those of Delphi.

Similarly with e.g. cygwin or mingw or various embedded toolchains (but not
Microsoft Visual Studio).

I have a small 10 line generator that generates batchfiles like below, that
can be called multiple times, and save the original path, allowing to
switch. This one is for FPC, but I have similar ones for cygwin etc. 

@echo off

Rem we save oldpath only once, so we can always revert to it.

if "%OLDPATH%" neq "" goto :nosave
PATH c:\pp32\bin\i386-win32;%PATH%

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