[fpc-devel] MACRO - correct syntax?

Ozz Nixon ozznixon at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 14:31:34 CET 2018

Thank you Sven! I saw all of the threads on this topic in 2011, but, figured I would ask here if it had changed, and I was just doing it wrong. We are in the process of porting Minix 3 source to Free Pascal (Andrew T. tells me it can’t be done, and I know FPC can handle it). I just wanted to keep the C macros close so he can see I did an automated conversion not a logic conversion.


Thanks to everyone else on this topic, but “not supported” is fine with me.



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Am 25.02.2018 03:01 schrieb "Ozz Nixon" <ozznixon at gmail.com <mailto:ozznixon at gmail.com> >:


{$DEFINE _CTASSERT(X,Y,Z):=assert(x=y,z);}

   _CTASSERT(1,1,'Constant failed.');


Macros with arguments are not supported. 




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