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Ozz Nixon ozznixon at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 00:56:18 CET 2018

Just a friendly suggestion… You are close to how I did it in Modern Pascal:


procedure Test;
    // <<< real code here

In my profiler, I do not need a string for the Leaving Profiling, I use a Link-List Queue. My Enter Profiling Stores the procedure name, timestamp (nano) and when leaving, I track it in the Catcher app with elapsed time, etc. It uses a SQL Memory Dataset, allowing me to group etc. but, the primary point is optimizing the LeaveProfileing() to just a call.


Also, I do mine as {$IFDEF PROFILE_ON}EnterProfile(str); try{$ENDIF} {…original authors code…} {$IFDEF PROFILE_ON}Finally LeaveProfile; End;{$ENDIF}… this reduces an end to end code modification of my customers source. It’s a onetime modification, and I have checks to make sure nothing has been added w/o the wrapper… a simple sanity check. I would suggest incorporating this into FPC, like we have -Si, we could add –Sp, or since the S parameter is quite busy, putting into -P1 (Profiling Strategy 1).




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