[fpc-devel] Suspicion about TThread.Synchronize

Martin fpc at mfriebe.de
Mon Feb 5 03:03:19 CET 2018

Ok, I got it again in the debugger.

Since it is nor reproducible all the times, I am using auto continue 
breakpoints, and just record that they were hit. So I have limited data.

- After a long series of syncs ThreadQueueTail is nil.
- A thread calls ThreadQueueAppend (from within Syncronize)
- It then leaves it do execute

there was no CheckSyncronize in between the 2 last steps. the thread 
should be waiting for the main thread to sync. but it does not.

I captured the SyncEvent of the queue entries. (as seen in 
checkSyncronize). And there something strange goes on.
The queue entries from 2 threads have the same SyncEvent

Maybe this is actually an issue in the application code.

The below is a method on a TTHread. This method is called before the 
thread is started, it does actually start it (last line)

procedure TThreadDownload.DownloadJSON(const ATimeOut: Integer = -1;
   const ASilent: Boolean = False);
   FRemoteJSONFile := 
Options.RemoteRepository[Options.ActiveRepositoryIndex] + cRemoteJSONFile;
   FDownloadType := dtJSON;
   FSilent := ASilent;
   FTimer := TThreadTimer.Create;
   FTimer.Interval := ATimeOut;
   FTimer.OnTimer := @DoOnTimer;

So when the ThreadTimer goes off, it calls DoOnTimer. But on the 
TThreadDownload object

And in DoOnTimer makes a call to Syncronize. (but DoOnTimer is a method 
of TThreadDownload)

Am I right, and it then uses the ID of the TThreadDownload? Even so it 
is running in the thread of the ThreadTimer?

So if TThreadDownload schedules its own Synchronize, before the event of 
ThreadTimer is processed, the TThreadDownload will falsely think, that 
it's event was processed when in reality it was the event of the timer.

Also then probably the event in FSynchronizeEntry is used twice in 
parallel, which it is not designed for?

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