[fpc-devel] Suspicion about TThread.Synchronize

Martin fpc at mfriebe.de
Sat Feb 3 17:39:52 CET 2018

All based on win32

I have an issue with a crash in PopThreadQueueHead called by 
CheckSynchronize.  (3.0.2)
It happens in the Lazarus IDE, but at a low percentage only. (And not 
yet in the debugger)
I don't think the below is related, but I found it while looking around.

Potential Issue: (3.0.2 and trunk 37936)

I have not looked very deep into the threading internals, so I may have 
missed something, but I thought I just bring it up for review.

      class procedure TThread.Synchronize(AThread: TThread; AMethod: 
contains those lines (outside a CriticalSection):

     AThread.FSynchronizeEntry^.Method := Nil;
     AThread.FSynchronizeEntry^.Next := Nil;   // outside of critical 

ThreadQueueAppend will enter a CriticalSection.
It will add the passed in FSynchronizeEntry (param aEntry) to 
ThreadQueueHead/Tail. For this it may use another entries Next pointer.

So what happens, if 2 (or more) threads call TThread.Synchronize?

What happens if
- thread 1, has just finished the line 
- thread 2 now calls synchronize, and
    - as soon as thread1 leaves the CriticalSection in ThreadQueueAppend 
=> thread2 enters that CriticalSection
- thread2 adds it entry to the list, assigning it the Next^ of thread 
1's entry
- now thread1 continues, it sets Next^ to nil, removing the reference to 
thread 2's entry.

Thread 2 would no longer be in the list.
That also means, if thread 2's entry has a Next^, then this may not be 
set to nil, if the entry it points to is removed?

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