[fpc-devel] Dangerous optimization in CASE..OF

Alexander Grotewohl alex at dcclost.com
Sat Apr 21 16:40:54 CEST 2018

To be honest I agree with what he's saying. We're bending enums to do 
things normal people just wouldn't (and shouldn't) do.

And seriously, "Delphi, Delphi, Delphi!" .. why don't we strive for 
something a little better and make the people porting from Delphi bend a 
little this way than us their way.


On 04/21/2018 08:12 AM, Thorsten Engler wrote:
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>> Am 20.04.2018 um 21:35 schrieb Ondrej Pokorny:
>>> Sven (or anybody else), could you please comment on
>>> https://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=33603 ? I feel I am getting
>> crazy.
>> That bug became a textbook example of Cipolla's fourth law, sorry.
> I only have two questions really. Who the fudge is "Thaddy de Koning" and should he continue to have access to the bug tracker?
> I did a search in the issue for "Thaddy de Koning", and the ones I checked, I didn't see a single actually constructive or helpful note, and the language was pretty much generally very aggressive and insulting, to the point that if there was a function to report notes with inappropriate language, I would be using that for the majority of his notes.
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