[fpc-devel] UTF-8 string literals

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Wed May 10 18:00:38 CEST 2017

That's the one I also think Sven was talking about.
I just searched for "Unicode". Michael's proposal comes up, but I guess the
title is fairly obvious.

But apparently everything is rainbows and unicorns and there is absolutely no
problem with the documentation at all, so I guess this week-long discussion here
never happened anyway.


Am 10.05.2017 um 08:38 schrieb Mattias Gaertner:
> On Tue, 9 May 2017 14:59:16 +0200
> Michael Schnell <mschnell at lumino.de> wrote:
>> On 06.05.2017 09:39, Sven Barth via fpc-devel wrote:
>>> That might be the one from Michael Schnell.  
>> Very unlikely, as this text does not mention anything about how a source 
>> file byte sequence is converted in a String constant / literal.
> I think he meant this one:
> http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php?title=not_Delphi_compatible_enhancement_for_Unicode_Support&action=history
> I thought Mschnell is Michael Schnell. Was this wrong?
> Mattias
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