[fpc-devel] Last words about #31200 bug (for LacaK)

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Mon Jan 9 16:29:26 CET 2017

as bug #31200 is marked as duplicate of #30622 you can put your findings 
On other side Jonas states, that "CP_NONE is always invalid as a dynamic 
code page".
But if Delphi handles CP_NONE other than is now in FPC, then it should 
be IMO reconsidered if align FPC with Delphi in this aspect.
It will be helpful to create tests for this case and report results for 
Delphi and FPC.

> Since I can't post comment to closed bug and developer LacaK asked about "Btw how behaves Delphi in this case ? ", I think I can answer. Of course Delphi (Berlin 10.1) is returns "This is Some text".
> P.S. This bug is duplicate of my #29770. I also found problem in Format() but I was trace this error to its source. And I just can’t understand why the "CP_NONE is invalid codepage" situation is excuse the string concatenation bug. *sigh*
> Dmitriy Pomerantsev.
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