[fpc-devel] Vectorization

J. Gareth Moreton gareth at moreton-family.com
Sun Dec 10 02:29:26 CET 2017

Hi everyone,

Since I'm masochistic in my desire to understand and improve the Free Pascal Compiler, I would like to add 
some vectorisation support in its optimisation cycle, since that is one thing that many other compilers 
attempt to do these days.  But before I begin, does FPC support any kind of vectorisation already?  If it 
does I haven't been able to find it yet, and I don't want to end up reinventing the wheel.

I recall things, for example, where the following is not optimised even if the compiler is set to use SSE:

  TVector4f = packed record
    X, Y, Z, W: Single;

function VectorAdd(A, B: TVector4f): TVector4f;
  Result.X := A.X + B.X;
  Result.Y := A.Y + B.Y;
  Result.Z ;= A.Z + B.Z;
  Result.W := A.W + B.W;

The resultant assembler code yields an individual "MOVSS" and arithmetic for each element rather than 
combining the reads and writes into a MOVUPS instruction and reducing the number of arithmetic instructions 
by a factor of 4.  For clarity, this is the assembler produced with '-CfSSE64':

.section .text.n_p$testfile_$$_addvector$tvector4f$tvector4f$$tvector4f,"x"
	.balign 16,0x90
	leaq	-56(%rsp),%rsp
.seh_stackalloc 56
	movq	%rcx,%rax
	movq	%rdx,(%rsp)
	movq	%r8,8(%rsp)
	movq	(%rsp),%rdx
	movq	(%rdx),%rcx
	movq	%rcx,16(%rsp)
	movq	8(%rdx),%rdx
	movq	%rdx,24(%rsp)
	movq	8(%rsp),%rdx
	movq	(%rdx),%rcx
	movq	%rcx,32(%rsp)
	movq	8(%rdx),%rdx
	movq	%rdx,40(%rsp)
	movss	16(%rsp),%xmm0
	addss	32(%rsp),%xmm0
	movss	%xmm0,(%rax)
	movss	20(%rsp),%xmm0
	addss	36(%rsp),%xmm0
	movss	%xmm0,4(%rax)
	movss	24(%rsp),%xmm0
	addss	40(%rsp),%xmm0
	movss	%xmm0,8(%rax)
	movss	28(%rsp),%xmm0
	addss	44(%rsp),%xmm0
	movss	%xmm0,12(%rax)
	leaq	56(%rsp),%rsp

A good vectoriser (for lack of a better name!) would be able to optimise the 12 movss/addss routines to just 
"movups 16(%rsp),%xmm0  addps 32(%rsp),%xmm0  movups %xmm0,(%rax)" - since the stack is aligned to a 16-byte 
boundary, it can swap out the first movups to a movaps too.  Not sure what to do regarding moving everything 
to the stack first though.

I'm sure it's a mammoth task, but I would like to start somewhere with it - however, are there any design 
plans that I should be adhering to so I don't end up designing something that is disliked?


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