[fpc-devel] resources on non-windows platform

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Tue Nov 22 08:14:24 CET 2016

Anton Kavalenka wrote:
> {$R script.rc srcipt.res}
> This kind of resource management implies usage of windres (or any other
> RC script compiler)
> With the crosscompilation things became funnier:
> I can under Linux get win32 exe with mingw-windres
> I can under Linux get Mach-O 32 exe with odcc-windres
> I can NOT under MacOS get Mach-O 32/64 exe with resources.

Can't you just convert the the .rc file to .res (with windres on any
platform) and then let FPC convert the .res file to the appropriate
object format?

> Is not the time came for own resource compiler for limited type of

I would argue we already have plenty of things to maintain that are
tangential to the compiler itself. Additionally, while the above might
be enough for use case, it doesn't work to do this for a large and
generic project. We either do something well, or not at all.


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