[fpc-devel] resources on non-windows platform

Anton Kavalenka anton.k at tut.by
Mon Nov 21 15:13:18 CET 2016

Dear FPC-all!

I have a big projects with lots of DLLs. All of them are cross-platform 
and link the resources with $R directive.

For version info I use .rc scripts to manage it under VCS and to prevent 
.RES flicker under different compilers (FPC and Delphi)

Version info is a nice example.

{$R script.rc srcipt.res}

This kind of resource management implies usage of windres (or any other 
RC script compiler)

With the crosscompilation things became funnier:

I can under Linux get win32 exe with mingw-windres

I can under Linux get Mach-O 32 exe with odcc-windres

I can NOT under MacOS get Mach-O 32/64 exe with resources.

So the question - why current FPC can link .res under any platform (with 
the help of fpcres) but cannot build such file under any platform 
without foreign tools?

Is not the time came for own resource compiler for limited type of 

with best regards,


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