[fpc-devel] NewPascal cooperation

Dennis Poon dennis at avidsoft.com.hk
Thu Nov 10 11:53:20 CET 2016

Maciej Izak wrote:
> NewPascal future should be bright. My decision was too hasty. Few 
> persons of whole community (especially in Delphi) is not whole 
> community. When you do what you can best, totally for free then the 
> critic (or ban) hurts more than critic for commercial projects. Maybe 
> is time to cut off G+ Delphi community cuz I have enough work with FPC 
> core team ;) (discussion with core team is very constructive while 
> discussions what can I post and why not on G+ Delphi community is 
> pointless).
> I can't leave and drop support for many projects: fpcdelux by Don 
> Alfredo (rather fpcdelux  has support for NP), mORMot by A. Bouchez, 
> "Pascal UE" engine by Benjamin Rosseaux, Castle Game Engine by 
> Michalis Kamburelis and my current job. This has gone too far...
> What you would expect from NewPascal project? What is most important 
> target for you? How we can cooperate in better way with FPC core team?
> I will try to run G+ NewPascal community soon. It might be good to 
> have more persons in NewPascal and own G+ community site. I don't mean 
> "schism" in FPC community. NewPascal should be early access system, 
> easy start for cross-platforms development, modern looking project 
> hosted on GitHub to attract more developers, management of SDK (for 
> example for Android) better CI system both for NewPascal and regular 
> FPC trunk, patches for mORMot and Delphi compatibility, and place 
> where I can put new language features (discussed ofc with FPC core 
> team -,- meh).
> I will try to have more patience for patches and FPC core team (is 
> that possible? ;P).
I really like your Generics.Colletions work. I share the same interface 
with that of Delphi, so I can easily find usage examples of it on the 
net which is important.
I have no idea how to use fgl properly and had to try and error, which 
is dangerous for a programmer.

I also used your NewPascal installation to cross compile to ARM. You 
save me a lot of time.

I intend to use mORMot in future as well. It appears to be on a good path.

I can't negate any bad critics but please consider my positive feedback 
to your great work.


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