[fpc-devel] Can FPC at least give a hint/warning?

Gennady Agranov gennadyagranov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 22:10:36 CET 2016


>>> Or what are the conditions when you want to emit the hint?

I thought that hint could come from some layer that actually allocates 
the record - on the stack or on the heap - this layer may actually know 
the "effective" alignment

Heap allocation should be aligned to the largest required alignment (is 
it 8?) - i.e. it should relatively simple to validate that offset of 
some "double" field is properly aligned

I actually do not know how stack allocation works - i.e. when and how 
compiler aligns double, extended or record values (packed or unpacked)

So if in your opinion this hint would report too many false positives - 
case is closed :)

 >>> if the bug is closed - is there any way to add a note to it?

Yes, I found this button after I have went to the URL again and 
inspected the available UI  more thorough :(
I did not want to send another e-mail to FPC list - that I have found it :)

Sorry about it,

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