[fpc-devel] Add {$I %DATETIME%}

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Sat Feb 27 13:08:58 CET 2016

On 27/02/16 11:12, Denis Kozlov wrote:
> What if we define %TIMESTAMP% or %UNIXTIMESTAMP%, instead of %DATETIME%?
> * %UNIXTIMESTAMP%  - as a well defined Unix timestamp (i.e. number of
> seconds since Unix Epoch).
> * %TIMESTAMP%  - as an Int64 version of TTimeStamp (i.e. number of MSecs
> since 1/1/0001).
> These could be inserted as plain old integers by the compiler, just like
> %LINENUM%, so there is no ambiguity nor implication of an agreement for
> encoding TDateTime as Double.
> Sample code is attached. It demonstrates how to get both of these
> timestamps in complier with only a single dependency on SysUtils unit.
> Any thoughts?

If something is platform-specific, it generally does not belong as a 
language extension.


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