[fpc-devel] Exception problems in FPC 3.0.0

Sergio Flores relfos at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 14:07:34 CET 2015

>Building a cross compiler is a trivial task even on Windows.
>Read here ho to do that: http://wiki.freepascal.org/Android

I know how to build a crosscompiler, the problem is that doing it in
Windows you sometimes get very weird errors (like the building process
stopping with error message saying CreateProcess(null) failed without any
other explanation) or the NDK linker just hangs.

Nevertheless I was now able to build FPC crosscompiler from the latest
sources it with hard float support.
And now the compiled app crashes at startup with linking errors, saying it
cant find my own functions in the library.
After investigating it, during the compilation some perfectly innocent
functions are reporting invalid instructions (I dont have the log here, but
it was instructions that started with Vsomething, if thats a clue).
However a .a lib is still generated and the compilation ends with

For the time I've returned to use the old crosscompiler I compiled myself
with hard float support  around 1 year ago, which works fine, with that I
can run the app without any crashes.

I've read the link about the crosscompiler, I'm using the same compiler
switches etc, all seems correct.
Maybe something in the ARM7 code generation got broken in the last months?
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