[fpc-devel] FPC 3.0.0rc2 and fppkg

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Mon Oct 26 13:17:30 CET 2015

Op 26-10-15 om 12:25 schreef Anthony Walter:
> Okay, I'll check into more a bit later.
> As a package manager, where is the description of packages? How is 
> anyone to know what webdesign is and what it does other than by just 
> looking at the package name and perhaps trying to google it?

The description is available, but not easy accessible in fppkg. We 
should add some sort of webpage with the available packages and more 
information on those.

> The first google result for "fpc webdesign package" leads to a copy of 
> a mailing list question asking what the package does. After a bit more 
> googling it would seem that the OP is the author of the package.
> To be of any value IMO, a package manager it ought to provide brief of 
> descriptions next to package names, otherwise people will have no idea 
> what they are looking at.

Those are packages that we are using at my work.

> I had to guess at the above and might be wrong. The only reason I 
> picked those packages is because they are only one which show up when 
> libs isn't configured they way fppkg expects.

I had to start with *some* packages. I think that only lnet is of a real 
value, maybe I should remove the others. We should work on a decent list 
of packages. Maybe add 'libmicrohttpd', 'googleapi' and the new 


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