[fpc-devel] Fwd: While - Otherwise Statement

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Oct 12 21:43:24 CEST 2015

On 12/10/2015 20:01, Max Nazhalov wrote:
>>> I can't think of a use case either. And just because another language
>>> provides such a solution, does not imply that FPC should.

(despite my earlier contribution)

Discussion of the feature below, is regardless of it not being desirable 
(in any form)

>>>   As to achieving
>>> the functionality in FPC:
>>> if cond then
>>>     while cond do
>>>       foo
>>> else
>>>     bar;
>> That's what I've thought about from the beginning of this discussion..
Actually the above does not represent what the actual feature request is 

The "else" is to be executed, after the while (even if the while looped 
ZERO times).
But it is to be skipped if the while exited via break (and only then).

For that reason "else" or "otherwise" are badly chosen keywords. Because 
they imply a different function.

<sarcasm on>

Further what is so special about the case "finishing a while loop 
without break (including 0 iterations)"?
If that case deserves special attention then surely the following also 
need (and no one should want all that)

while cond
   initialize // run before the 1st loop, if there is going to be at 
least one loop
   do  // each loop
   finalize // run after last loop, if there was at least one
   finalizeThen // run after last loop, if there was at least one // 
only if no break
   finalizeCatch // run after last loop, if there was at least one // 
only if a break happened
   then // finish, without break; or zero loops
   catch // only on break
   else // if there was no loop at all (condition was wrong, before 
first loop already)

There are all equally (none-) important. Have one have all.
<sarcasm off>

Better have none.

> The only drawback is that "cond" is calculated twice instead of once
> before the actual loop body -- not all will be happy.. ;-)
Thats an issue for the optimizer. no need to change the language.

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