[fpc-devel] default file asignment in fpc?

Schneider schneidt at mail.nih.gov
Fri Oct 9 18:58:16 CEST 2015


> The support for ISO-style input/output files was fixed in trunk after 3.0
> was branched (in r30757), so I'm afraid it won't work yet in 3.0...

Perhaps this is related to my next issue.

egg 21% shell
shell 3.01
An unhandled exception occurred at $00000001000013CF :
EInOutError : File not assigned

I am able to add this code:

Assign (afile,'');
Assign (bfile,'');
Assign (shellp,'');

and then that does not occur.

However, when run from the command line the program gets stuck
waiting for me.

Changing it to:

  Assign (afile,'afile');
  Assign (bfile,'bfile');
  Assign (shellp,'shellp');

then the program runs cleanly.

In GPC I was able to set it so that the file name assigned
is the file string itself.

Is there a flag to set this?
I want to avoid using 'assign' in my code because it's not
standard as far as I know.

(I could not find something useful at


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