[fpc-devel] RTTI

Arnaud Bouchez webcontact01 at synopse.info
Sat Nov 21 12:06:09 CET 2015

Isn't it simply possible to merge the InterfaceRTTI branch with the FPC 
It sounds to be quite fine and working for Win32, Win64 and ARM targets.

I remember that there was some interesting discussion about including a 
new interface code execution feature, similar to Delphi's RTTI Invoke.
But even if this feature is not available, having the RTTI is already 
very interresting.
It allows to generates some wrapper code, or even use some 
runtime-generated asm (as we do for Win32, Win64 and Linux in our Open 
Source mORMot).

What do you think of merging the InterfaceRTTI branch with the FPC trunk?

Thanks for the good work.
I can say that with latest info about Delphi embracing ARC for the 
upcoming Linux 64 target, we consider using only FPC as main compiler 
for our server-side projects.


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