[fpc-devel] MinCurrency

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Thu Nov 19 08:08:07 CET 2015

>> Because for example on Win64/x86_64 target, there is not defined 
>> FPC_HAS_TYPE_EXTENDED, so I get "truncated values"
> FPC_HAS_TYPE_EXTENDED is undefined on most platforms. It's only a very 
> small minority that has it, but of course those are the most used ones.
>> And secondly why is MinCurrency "-922337203685477.5807" and not 
>> "-922337203685477.5808"
>> (see mentioned bug report)
> I don't know.
Beside this I have found that, "-922337203685477.5808" is not supported 
by StrToCurr() and Val(), so I reported bug about this:


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