[fpc-devel] Specific RTL for embedded target

Simon Ameis SAmeis.fpc at web.de
Thu Nov 12 21:48:15 CET 2015

Hello Georg,

yes, RTL may be the wrong term, so let us call it PEL (Pascal Embedded
Library) or any other name which indicates it's usage.
Is this the correct mailing list to discuss it or would FPC-Pascal the
better place?

kind regards

Am 12.11.2015 um 16:19 schrieb Georg Hieber:
> Simon,
> what you are referring to is mostly not the RTL (which is a
> standardized set of routines necessary to "make pascal work"). but are
> device drivers that provide a link between the RTL and the underlying
> hardware, tasks that in a non - embedded environment are performed by
> the operating system.
> An example: the procedure "write / writeln" is part of the RTL. it
> does all the formatting, calls conversion routines where necessary
> (from numerical formats to string), and so on - but finally passes the
> formatted sequence of characters to the operating system's file I/O,
> which forma an intermediate layer, and finally calls the appropriate
> device drivers (serial, console, disk, ....).
> I completely agree with you that such a library would be highly
> desirable, but it is a different thing than the RTL.
> One exception: string functions, these are part of the RTL. for the
> AVR, I am working on a unit system, that is mainly writen in assembler.
> best regards,
> Georg
> Am 11.11.2015 um 18:06 schrieb Simon Ameis:
>> Hello,
>> does anyone work on a library (embedded RTL) for basic embedded
>> microcontroller units (MCU) like AVR or ARM?
>> I think, there should be a stable interface along different MCUs for
>> accessing various hardware interfaces.
>> * MCU compatible/optimized string functions
>> * I2C
>> * SPI
>> * GPIO
>> * Analog Inputs/Outputs
>> * PWM
>> * UART
>> * Timer
>> * Watchdog timers
>> These topics are much more dependant on the individual MCU families. It
>> would be great to have a cross MCU API though.
>> * MCU setup
>> * Power Management
>> As there are some libraries out there on the net, they could inspire the
>> design of the embedded RTL.
>> Are there any concerns on translating one library as long as it has a
>> less restrictive license than modified LGPL used by the default RTL
>> (e.g. BSD license)?
>> Kind Regards
>> Simon Ameis
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