[fpc-devel] Specific RTL for embedded target

Simon Ameis simon.ameis at web.de
Wed Nov 11 22:06:44 CET 2015


does anyone work on a library (embedded RTL) for basic embedded
microcontroller units (MCU) like AVR or ARM?
I think, there should be a stable interface along different MCUs for
accessing various hardware interfaces.

* MCU compatible/optimized string functions
* I2C
* Analog Inputs/Outputs
* Timer
* Watchdog timers

These topics are much more dependant on the individual MCU families. It
would be great to have a cross MCU API though.
* MCU setup
* Power Management

As there are some libraries out there on the net, they could inspire the
design of the embedded RTL.
Are there any concerns on translating one library as long as it has a
less restrictive license than modified LGPL used by the default RTL
(e.g. BSD license)?

Kind Regards
Simon Ameis

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