[fpc-devel] FPC 3.0.0-rc2 release

Max Nazhalov stein_nospam at mail.ru
Thu Nov 5 15:36:34 CET 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 4:00:01 PM, Joost van der Sluis <joost at cnoc.nl> wrote:

fdrlfo> Subject: [fpc-devel] FPC 3.0.0-rc2 release
fdrlfo> * Features
fdrlfo> - can compile code into assembler source code for these assemblers:
fdrlfo>    - Microsoft Assembler/Turbo Assembler (Masm/Tasm)

I doubt it ever had been working.. (that glitch I've seen and
forgotten in a hurry some years ago)

Example [i386-win32 target]:
  a, b: array [0..111] of byte; // some arbitrarily not-so-large entities
  a := b;

                mov     edi,offset U_$P$PROGRAM_$$_A
                mov     esi,offset U_$P$PROGRAM_$$_B
                mov     ecx,28
                rep     rep ; <<<<<<<<<<<< ???????????????
                call    fpc_do_exit
WBR, Max

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