[fpc-devel] fpcmake does not recurse into utils/ and packages/

Edmund Grimley Evans edmund.grimley.evans at gmail.com
Sun May 10 09:56:39 CEST 2015

Is this a bug?

utils/fpcm/bin/i386-linux/fpcmake -Tall -r

recursed into most subdirectories, but the build later failed in
utils/fpcm (I think) with the complaint that aarch64-linux was not
supported. I observed that the Makefiles in that part of the tree had
not been updated. I had to do something like this:

for x in `find packages utils -type d` ; do
  ( cd $x && /home/ege/fpc/utils/fpcm/bin/i386-linux/fpcmake -Tall )

After that, "make all OS_TARGET=linux CPU_TARGET=aarch64
BINUTILSPREFIX=aarch64-linux-gnu-" finished without an error.

Is this expected behaviour, or a bug?

If it's not expected, could someone else please try running "fpcmake
-Tall -r" in fpc/ and then checking with "ls -lrt utils/*/Makefile"
whether those files have been updated?


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