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Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sun May 10 00:33:17 CEST 2015

Am 09.05.2015 21:01 schrieb "Martin Frb" <lazarus at mfriebe.de>:
> On 09/05/2015 19:54, Martin Frb wrote:
>> It does not work for me in units. fpc trunk r30815.
>> If I copy all the code into the main project, then it works (and I get
all the hints, about inlining disabled.).
>> But the above, stopping with the debugger, and stepping in:
>> - there is on "call" instruction from "main" to "x1"
>> - and then there is no further call, the body of this function already
has the writeln
>> yet it should have calls to the other methods.
> Ah, it seems to work, if I put the directive after the "interface" line.
> Is that documented? Or is that unexpected?

I'd say that's unexpected.

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