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Anton anton.blacksmith at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 26 15:10:50 CET 2015

26.12.2013 у 15:45 Anton Kavalenka напісаў:
> Dear FPC-Developers!
> Our institution about 15 years ago was developed Turbo-Vision fork for 
> VGA/SVGA graphics called GraphVision.
> Key features:
> * TV-like objects (classes)
> * BGI graphics with own clipping
> * Windows bitmap, cursors resource support
> * resources in external files (streamed objects)
> Currently the author agreed to give away the sources to community.
> Does anybody interested in the class library,
> reagrds,
> Anton Kavalenka
Dear FPC-all!

Recently we did it.


There are lots of ASM there (mostly in graphic optimization), but i 
think recent FPC VESA graphic does this better.

with best regards,
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