[fpc-devel] Tprocess using pipes, handle = 0

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Mar 16 23:03:46 CET 2015

This is based on a report I got. I can not reproduce myself. (I bcc the 
reporter, and hope he will comment)

ON a 664 bit amd linux,
fpc_2.6.4-140420_amd64.deb (apparently the one from Lazarus sourceforge)

The problem started with an error launching the debugger.

Apparently the error occurs only, if the IDE is run without logging 
(console or file), suggesting a timing issue. But not sure about it.
It also appears that the presence of the error relates to other errors 
before. (*.ico file not found, but looking further I can not see how 
this relates)

The IDE tries to run gdb (there is no variable here, at this time the 
to-be-debugged-app is NOT yet accessed, nor is its path passed.

(in components\lazdebuggergdbmi\cmdlinedebugger.pp ) is executed.

After that
      Result := FDbgProcess.Running;
returns true (there is a check in the IDE code and it passes)

Then the IDE wants to read gdb output, and according to debugging
is zero.
The IDE then creates an error due to that.

Further debugging was done, and the value of
was inspected immediately after

It was zero already.
It is my understanding (from browsing the code), that if 
TProcess.Execute is succesful, the handle will be set after it returns.

So if all reports I got are correct, then it looks like an issue in 

Any ideas?

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