[fpc-devel] Pascal Standard, and what we can do.

Ralf Quint freedos.la at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 20:14:19 CEST 2015

On 7/19/2015 11:03 PM, Sven Barth wrote:
> The way we write software evolves however. Things that were thought as 
> state of the art 25 years ago aren't necessarily nowadays (for example 
> procedural programming that has been mostly superseded by object 
> oriented programming). And in this regards programming languages are 
> like natural languages: they evolve, they change. If a language 
> doesn't evolve anymore it can be considered dead (e.g. Latin, Ancient 
> Greek).
But evolving doesn't mean you have to turn (Free)Pascal in another 
incarnation of Python, Ruby, Haskell or whatever. And a lot of basic 
programming paradigms that existed 25 years ago are just as valid today. 
There is nothing wrong with procedural programming, just as there is 
nothing inherently wrong with object oriented programming. You can abuse 
and misuse both approaches. And quite frankly, what I have seen in 
object oriented code in recent years, I would rather take as a negative 
example of evolution, of ways/things not to go/do...


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