[fpc-devel] Multiple Helpers for a type

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Thu Jul 9 14:31:38 CEST 2015

Hi Sven! (and perhaps others...)

A while ago (Aehm.. Feb 2013) you announced that type helpers are available for FreePascal. Which is great news ;-)

You also menitioned that there is a limitation,

"As with class and type helpers only one helper for a given type can be active"

but reading on, there was also hope ....

Future developments:
"Allow that multiple helpers are active for one type at a single time."

I now exactly hit that issue, I have a set of 'basic' typehelpers that I wanted to extend in a second unit, but unfortunately this does not work, the newly defined type-helpers do not allow me to access the
functions defined in the 'basic' typehelper, so this approach is not possible....

Are those future development plans already reality and I did simply miss the correct modeswitch or is this still on the ToDo List?

If it's todo, are there already any plans on when this could get fixed?

Thank you,

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