[fpc-devel] Future of FPCUP tool

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at hajny.biz
Sun Feb 22 10:06:49 CET 2015

On Sun, February 22, 2015 07:02, Anthony Walter wrote:
> I've tried fpcup a few times in the past and have always had problems with
> it not working as expected. I current;y maint what I think is a well
> formed
> set of scripts for mac, linux, and mac installers on githhub:
> https://github.com/sysrpl/Codebot.Setup/blob/master/linux/install.fpc-3.0.linux.sh#L134-147
> The scripts could easily be modified to accept branch/revisions, though I
> really don't think the public should be bogging down subversion servers to
> get source code. Instead it should be mirror in a CDN backed by storage
> service like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, ect which provide much
> faster
> and cheaper file distribution than any subversion server could hope for.
> By the way, my scripts already pull from an S3 cloudfront distribution.
> All
> I think we need is a simple script to perform regular auto copies from SVN
> to S3 or Google Cloud Storage and we're done.

FWIW - FPC releases are already available from CDN backed repository of
SourceForge. It might be possible to make source snapshots available there
as well (not tried yet), but it's questionable if it really makes sense -
if someone wants to get the latest trunk version (e.g. because he was told
that a fix or new feature needed for him is available in that version), he
or she may not be interested in waiting for another day before the source
snapshot is updated (especially if the download is automated and he might
find out after downloading and building that the fix was not there in
reality because either snapshot generation or CDN uploading were delayed
for some reason).

Obviously, anybody is free to implement something like that, but I
wouldn't promote that approach personally, especially not for people who
are not interested in "making their hands dirty" with stuff like playing
with SVN and thus are less likely to be able to find out reasons why
something on the way wouldn't work as they expected it).

Just my 2 cents...


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