[fpc-devel] RTTI interface & variant late binding issue (mORMot)

Maciej Izak hnb.code at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 22:07:58 CET 2015

2015-02-07 12:30 GMT+01:00 Sven Barth <pascaldragon at googlemail.com>:

> Would you please elaborate what exactly you are working on? Maybe we can
> find synergies between your work and Steve's.
I checked my old code from 2006 (!) : my invoke implementation is affected
by PascalScript BSD like license :\ ... So my implementation is useless.

My current work is probably useless too - now I am working on new operators
to make this fast TValue implementation multiplatform:


To achieve this I need to create new special record operators:

====== code begin ======

  TValue = record
    class operator Initialize(Data, TypeInfo: Pointer): pointer;
    class operator Finalize(Data, TypeInfo: Pointer): pointer;
    class operator Copy(Source, Dest, TypeInfo: Pointer): pointer;
====== code end ======


Maciej Izak (hnb.code at gmail.com)
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