[fpc-devel] avr port: rtl, unit system

Georg Hieber georg at ghgrp.com
Sun Apr 26 23:39:03 CEST 2015


I started to implement parts of the rtl system unit for avr in 
assembler. First results are encouraging: fpc_move takes 29 opcodes 
compared to 104 of the Pascal version already optimized for the 
platform, and 23:150 for fpc_mul_word.

Of course, I want to be as efficient as possible in this task, and first 
convert routines that are either

     -    called often, to reduce execution time,     or
     -    linked into most binaries, to reduce code size.

I made my own priority list, starting with the essential string routines 
and arithmetic helpers, but due to lack of experience I certainly 
overlooked things or overestimated others. So, question to everybody:

Which are according to your experience / opinion the library routines 
that profit most from being implemented in assembler, considering an 
embedded environment? (so, nothing about file I/O, system call wrappers, 

Thanks for a lot of answers....


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