[fpc-devel] Embedded Strings on nRF51-DK

Paul Michell Paul at michellcomputing.co.uk
Sat Apr 18 11:16:16 CEST 2015


Thanks for the offer of help.  I'm totally new to embedded work.  I am aware 
of the FPC embedded compiler target, but I don't yet understand  the nRF51 SDK 
enough to set up the required files.  I would like to move to this approach 
and I have read: 


What I am unsure about is how this would work with the RF/Bluetooth firmware 
of the nRF51.  I have deliberately been staying as close to the GCC method as 
possible so that I can use all of the SDK resources.  But if it is possible to 
use the target embedded approach that would be much better.

I don't know what the chip's CMSIS data is.  I tried to google it and there is 
some mention of a 'SDK CMSIS pack' here:


Does this tell you what needs to be known?  Would you need to produce a 
different controller definition for each SoftDevice configuration?

If you think this is worth attempting I would be happy to help set this up.

Kind regards,


On Friday 17 Apr 2015 08:44:55 Michael Ring wrote:
> I can generate the pascal unit for the nrf51 module from the CMSIS Data
> of this chip.
> Drop me a note if are you interested, this unit should make your life a
> lot easier.

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