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Boian Mitov mitov at mitov.com
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Because none of those is a strong typed language.
Each language has weak and strong points.
Pascal is semi strong typed language, and as such is very well declarative 
style oriented.
Functional programming however merges very well with strong typed 
declarations actually getting us closer to the holly grail for pure 
declarative programming.
Those other languages you mentioned don’t do that.
The closest to perfection nowadays is probably C++11 but it also is not 
without flows, mainly practically total lack of RTTI.
What I am saying is that Delphi, C++ with C++11, Java, and C# have all been 
inching toward the goal of a perfect language, while FPC has not.

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Why has there been so many messages on this list debating the pros and cons
of reference counting objects?
The beauty of the Pascal language is in its structure ie:
procedures,functions,OOP. Why does it need to be a functional programming
language as well when there are Haskell, Lisp, Scheme and other functional
languages that have already done the hard work.

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