[fpc-devel] RTTI generating

Adriaan van Os fpc at microbizz.nl
Fri Sep 19 12:24:53 CEST 2014

This is a copy of a post on the macpascal mailing list, where it was suggested to re-ask on the 
fpc-devel list.


The RTTI generating logic in the FPC compiler puzzles me ....

Chapter 40 of FreePascal Run-Time Library Reference guide describes the typinfo unit. It says

; The TypeInfo unit contains many routines which can be used for the querying of the Run-Time
; Type Information (RTTI) which is generated by the compiler for classes that are compiled under the
; {$M+} switch

Great so far !

; This information can be used to retrieve or set property values for published properties
; for totally unknown classes. In particular, it can be used to stream classes

This is what I fail to understand. Why is RTTI information tied to properties and why is it
restricted to what is in the published/public sections of classes (or objects in macpas mode) ? For
example, when I want to implement an object browser for debugging purposes, I want to see anything.
What I am allowed in the code to do with the methods and fields is irrelevant and whether fields
are properties or not is irrelevant too.

When I try it, $M+ refuses public non-property class fields. With $M- ClassInfo, GetTypeData and
the ParentInfo field work. However, FieldAddress and MethodName do not work. The field count in the
FieldTable field of the VMT is 0.

Is there a special reason why the compiler can't fill in the VMT's FieldTable ?


Jonas Maebe replied that RTTI information has been implemented according to Delphi conventions. 
Marco van de Voort mentioned D2010 and work being done on the extended RTTI ($RTTI directive). Paul 
Ishenin remembered  Joost implemented some prototype in a branch, that had some problems and was 
not merged to trunk yet.


Adriaan van Os

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