[fpc-devel] Binary Package System Discussion?

Den cyraid at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 02:28:11 CEST 2014

Hi Sven!

     I suppose you can just have Build Servers and build all major 
OS/Architectures.  The platform differences could be solved by an 
additional 'target dependent' package.  But I suppose with the Dynamic 
Packages, we could just bundle the different architectures in the one 
Package File, and have a header which states which architectures it has 
in it, or even in the file listings in the Package in a certain 
directory.  When that time comes, fun stuff will happen, as the Lazarus 
could be made to auto-update and such for the normal folk. (I know mine 
is practically auto-update.. Update VCS and then rebuild :p ) and then 
there's FPCUP .. But just thought something like Netbeans.

     I was also thinking, when I have time, I wanted to make an API for 
Lazarus which devs could make their own VCS and have it display in the 
IDE, to make it more modern.. But I have a project due very very soon, 
so I can't really work on it yet. :p

Anyway, thanks for the reply Sven! I'll have that bug fix tested as soon 
as I get a moment.
Take care!

- Den

On 14-09-06 03:29 PM, Sven Barth wrote:
> > Any thoughts?
> Dream on. FPC is a native compiler and someone would need to implement 
> that proposed bytecode and maintain it.
> Even once we support LLVM we wouldn't drop any of our native code 
> generators and even if we did LLVM simply does not support all those 
> platforms that we support (e.g. m68k as CPU or OS/2 as OS).
> Additionally there'd still be the platform differences which would 
> stop you from distributing one set of blobs: on Windows you need to 
> use the WinAPI, on Linux C API and X11 and on Mac OS X C API and 
> Carbon/Cocoa. If you'd encode all this currently handled by ifdefs and 
> different units into those blobs you could simply distribute the 
> source as well.
> Please note that support for binary packages (aka dynamic packages) 
> will come. But they will depend on a target just as compiled units 
> currently do already.
> Regards,
> Sven
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